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Everything You Need To Pitch & Sell Your Incredible-Sounding Videos Inside Your Infinitunes Dashboard

Existing agencies are boasting amazing results and making big paydays by offering video services. Things like video SEO, video animation, video advertising services and more.

STILL, good audio that ELEVATES a dull & boring video into a high-converting marketing machine is the one piece of the puzzle that's missing to offer a complete solution to clients.

It's SO expensive for agencies to purchase new licenses for each and every video they create for a client, not to mention the licensing headaches and angry phone calls from clients when their videos get taken down.

We already know Infinitunes solves these HUGE problems with a few clicks.

Well, what if you could swoop in and offer this to clients, customers and local businesses with ZERO expenses, and ZERO limits all while taking home 100% of the profits?


REMINDER: While it's true that you can generate and play as many tracks you want with Infinitunes Pro... you can still only sync a LIMITED number of tracks to videos to download for your business and to sell to your clients.

But with Infinitunes Agency... all limits are removed instantly.

Infinitunes PRO
Infinitunes Agency
Generate Unlimited Tracks
Add To Unlimited Videos & Download (Or Sell Online)

You can create as many tracks as you want (zero limits), add them to as many videos as you want and sell them to as many clients as you want. No limits on the profits you can make with Infinitunes... starting right NOW.

Create amazing tracks & sync them to a video inside Infinitunes just to showcase your work on websites, social media & channels. Build trust, authority and a fan-following for your business & brand.

Insert your own tracks in affiliate's videos right inside of Infinitunes while pitching to your list and watch your sales skyrocket.

Stop worrying about any limits. Experiment as much as you want and create unique tracks merged with videos using different combinations of genres, activities and moods.

What UNLIMITED Audio Track Creation Means

  • Never see the "Sorry, you've reached your monthly limit" message when creating professional, IMPORTANT audio tracks and adding them to videos or client videos using our 1-click 'Add to Video' feature.
  • Have personalized, incredible-sounding audio tracks that make videos better for EVERY product in your (or clients) eCom stores, review sites & more...
  • Create unlimited audio tracks for videos for affiliate campaigns, new product launches and social media pages.
  • Create unlimited audio tracks for unlimited videos to drive 100% free traffic to ANY offer in ANY niche.

Think about that for a second!

You're upgrading to be able to sell BIGGER (and more profitable) video projects to as many clients as you want... without EVER worrying about any kind of limits.

Create MORE audio tracks for MORE videos for MORE clients!

What UNLIMITED Video Sales Means

  • There are no caps on how many videos merged with PREMIUM Infinitunes audio tracks you can sell to clients... sell more to make more, it's that simple!
  • Remember, tracks are synced to ANY video with a few clicks - it's SO easy.
  • Clients will be BEGGING you for more premium-sounding videos once they see they how quickly you deliver such high-converting videos.
  • Unlimited audio tracks merged with videos for both you and clients = HUGE!!!


Easily keep track of all your clients & projects with a dedicated back office area inside your dashboard.

No need for separate tools - this built-in solution helps you track each project for each customer.

Making it even EASIER for you to scale your business!


Now you can scale up your business with Infinitunes Agency.

You can quickly & easily add additional users to your account.

Hire outsourcers to help you out (or use your team members and V.A.s) and give them limited or separate access to manage and service your clients.


Pre-filled with all the content you need to turn cold leads into high-paying clients...

Just customize your website as per your requirements and get started right away.

The stunning website design is crafted by our in-house team of professional website designers...

Close clients in no time with your very own professionally designed Infinitunes agency website.


We are giving you professionally written ready-to-send email sales templates for your Infinitunes business. Simply copy and paste these created-to-convert email templates into your favorite auto-responder service provider to:

  • Drive people to your website
  • Warm-up cold leads
  • Close any 'on the fence' leads (these will warm up your prospects for your services for a final discussion about pricing and method of delivery and convince them to purchase from you).

Crafted by industry-leading copywriters that SPECIALIZE in the video marketing niche...

Just load these into your autoresponder and watch leads turn into ongoing clients.

What is even better is that you never have to manually speak to a client over the phone or face to face. It's all done over email!


With step by step, easy to follow training videos - you can look over our shoulders at the most successful ways to profit with Infinitunes - simply follow our lead and you are now on your way to maximize success with minimum effort.

So to summarize, here's what you get when you upgrade today:

Infinitunes UNLIMITED Agency License

$997 Value

Client & Teams Dashboard

$297 Value

Unlimited Licensing & Distribution for Infinitunes Tracks Merged with Videos


How to Get Clients Training

$197 Value

Client Email Templates

$197 Value

Done-For-You Landing Page/Website

$497 Value

Total Value


Launch Discount


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  • Create and Sell UNLIMITED Videos Merged with Premium Audio Tracks to Clients
  • Generate UNLIMITED Tracks
  • Add Tracks to Unlimited Videos
  • UNLIMITED Licensing & Distribution for Merged Videos
  • Grow Fast With Client & Team Dashboard
  • Bonus - How To Get Clients Training
  • Bonus - DFY Agency Website
  • Bonus - Client Email Templates
Infinitunes Agency Unlimited Package
Agency Lite
  • Create and Sell 1,000 Videos Merged with Premium Audio Tracks to Clients
  • Generate UNLIMITED Tracks
  • Add Tracks to 1,000 Videos
  • UNLIMITED Licensing & Distribution for Merged Videos
  • Grow Fast With Client & Team Dashboard
  • Bonus - How To Get Clients Training
  • Bonus - DFY Agency Website
  • Bonus - Client Email Templates
Infinitunes Agency Starter
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