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MAXIMIZE Your Profits With Infinitunes PRO

Beta testers consistently saw massive gains in traffic & conversions from the videos made better with premium audio from Infinitunes...

And many asked if there was a way to generate even more audio tracks to choose the best ones for their videos and for their clients' videos.

So, here's your chance to generate UNLIMITED tracks and choose the ones that are a perfect match for your videos. Right now, you're able to generate 100 (personal license) or 500 (commercial license) audio tracks before saving and adding to videos.

This limit goes pretty fast when you're clicking "play" through ALL the different genres, activities and moods!

If you upgrade to the PRO package today ONLY... you'll be able to generate Unlimited tracks every single month. The number of videos you can add your audio tracks to remains the same, but you're able to generate and play without limits before adding them to videos!

You unlock the amazing option to select unlimited combinations of genres, activities and moods and click "Play" an unlimited number of times. Each and every time you click play, you'll get a 100% unique track for you or a client.

You're able to dial in the PERFECT audio track for your video each and every time, without worrying about hitting the limit.

Yes, you can generate an unlimited number of UNIQUE, premium-sounding tracks to find the perfect one to add to your videos.

Meaning MORE profit potential using the best tracks for your own video campaigns... and to sell premium-sounding videos to even MORE clients.

Unlock 68 NEW Music Categories!

Emotionally engage your viewers with a wider range of NEW and PREMIUM genres, activities and moods. All of these have been hand-crafted by professionals for you to use within Infinitunes to make your videos sound like they’re Hollywood-produced.

Each comes with complete commercial rights, so when added to any video inside of Infinitunes, you can use them in your business or use them to help other businesses (...and get paid).

Listen to some of these PREMIUM-QUALITY audio tracks created using PRO genres, activities and moods...

Set ANY Custom Track Duration

You can now customize the exact length of your tracks. Yes, you can create LONGER (up to 3 minutes) or shorter audio tracks. No need to create additional tracks or manually snip the ones you already have to match the length of your videos.

This is not only going to save you money, it's going to save you SO much time for cropping and clipping audio tracks for your personal AND client video campaigns.

It's as simple as finding a premium audio track, then looking at how long your video is, and typing in that duration. Hit "Play" and add it to your video before downloading!

Create perfectly-optimized audio tracks for Video ads, Video Sales Letters (VSLs), Walkthroughs, Tutorials, and Videos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more...

This feature is only available to Infinitunes Pro users.

FREE Access To All New Genres, Activities and Moods Added In Future

As we improve on Infinitunes you're going to instantly benefit from each and every update.

Staying at the frontline of video marketing is important.

Let's face it, look at the quality of marketing videos just a few years ago.

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...but look at where we are now.

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Well, what if we could take that pressure off your shoulders and GIVE you access to the latest, on-trend genres, activities and moods to UPGRADE your professional videos now and in the future?

Get access to the latest Genres, Activities and Moods that will be added in the future (loaded automatically into your Infinitunes account).

Never pay again for another asset within the Infinitunes software. Another reason you can rest easily knowing Infinitunes is hard at work for you.

...all without any monthly fees!

Get FASTER Results With Infinitunes Pro

When you upgrade to Infinitunes PRO today - your account is upgraded to a top-level audio & video server that is reserved for PRO members only.

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Pick your genre, activity and mood, set your CUSTOM track duration and click "Play". Then, sync your new custom track to any video, faster than ever!

Here the server speeds are higher and the waiting time for your new 100% unique audio track is zero.

Commercial License Included

The brand new extra 68 music categories to choose from come with a commercial license included.

You can use these brand new upgrades to dominate any niche, maximize traffic & conversions, and leave your competition in the dust with premium-sounding videos.

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What You're Getting Access To Today:

Infinitunes PRO
  • Generate & Play UNLIMITED Tracks (before you add to your videos & download)
  • Extra 68 NEW Music Categories
  • Custom Track Duration for Perfectly-Matching Your Videos!
  • FREE Access To Future New Genres, Activities and Moods
  • VIP Audio & Video Creation Features
  • Commercial License for ALL The Above
  • No Monthly Fees